Double Eccentric Ball Valve

Brief description:

Double flange eccentric semi ball valve

Flange dimension and drilling:EN1092

Pressure test:EN12266

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Design Features

The eccentric semi ball valve has stable performance, quick and light opening, self-compensation for wear, reliable and durable sealing, easy adjustment and maintenance, straight through structure with large flow area and small damping, which can remove scale by itself, and is convenient for opening and closing. It is used to cut off, connect and adjust the medium in the pipeline.


The structure is convenient for maintenance, without the need to disassemble the whole from the pipeline.

The valve disc in the open state is hidden in the valve cavity to prevent the medium from directly washing the sealing surface

The valve circulates in the whole flow channel, reducing energy loss, and the head loss is almost zero.

The valve seat is specailly treated, and the sealing surface can meet the requirements of anti-corrosion, wear resistance and high strength.

ISO 5211 mounting flange connect with gearbox, part-turn electric actuator, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator etc.

Straight through flow port with low pressure loss and high energy-efficient.

Gearbox is equipped with ISO5210 flange connection with actuator, and F10 is standard specified.

Easy adjusted packing design ensure the reliable sealing performance.

Welded hard alloy body seat ring provides long and durable service life.

Welded hard alloy ball sealing ring provides long and durable service life.

Shaft sealing by means of O ring or graphite packing ensures reliable sealing performance.

Flange and drilling with EN1092-2.

Double Eccentric Ball Valve (1)


Double Eccentric Ball Valve (2)
Double Eccentric Ball Valve (3)

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