Large Bore Metal Seated Gate Valve

Brief description:

Large Size Ductile Iron Metal Seated Gate Valve complete with Channel Guides LG2

Metal Seated Gate Valve operated with Spur gearbox and AUMA electric actuator

This type of Gate valve is in compliance with EN1171, DIN 3204 F4/BS 5163&EN558-1 series 3 designed for drink water, raw water, treated water, waste water, cooling water etc. and used as isolation valve.


SIZE RANGE: DN1000 – DN2000


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Product Detail


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Product description

● Valve design to EN1171, DIN3202 F4, BS 5163 etc. standard
● Non-rising Stem, Full bore design, and Smooth passage, Low flow resistance
● Long stroke time(on-off time) to avoid water hammer
● Closure: Clockwise close
● Bi-directional sealing to make the installation easy. The both sides of gate are symmetrical.
● Robust body in ductile iron EN GJS 500-7(GGG50), or 400-15(GGG40), with large bore up to DN2000
● Body with flange X flange ends, flange drill to EN1092-2, BS 4504, DIN2501, etc.
● Solid wedge type gate with high strength and in same material to body
● Seat rings on both body and disc in brass or bronze with long time service life.
● Brass or Bronze (Gunmetal LG2) stem nut and bushing
● As per special request, especially for horizontal installation large size gate valve, Body could be designed with Channel Guides for gate travel. The gate could be provided with shoes which slide within the channel guides. Guides and shoes are of copper alloy or of stainless steel and    guide the gate along the complete travel distance. That will reduce the friction and wearing between body and gate so as to extend the valve service life.
● Multiple O rings on stem bushing form reliable shaft sealing system.
● The external oil cup for shaft bushing/bearing is designed.
● The integral bypass system will be designed as special request.
● Actuation options: Manual bevel gearbox/spur gearbox with handwheel or chainwheel,
Gearbox ready for connection to electric actuator,

Electric actuator

● Protection coating: fusion bonded epoxy coating non-toxic to potable water approved from WRAS/NSF61 in DFT 250μm, or other painting cycle.
● Other details:

- Body, disc & bonnet material: ductile iron GJS500-7/GJS400-15/GJS450-10 to BS EN 1563

- Valve stem material: stainless steel 1.4021(SS420), other stainless steel or brass/bronze materials available as request.

- Suitable medium: drink water, waste water/sewage, TSE water and other low-corrosive liquid etc

Suitable temperature: -10 ~ 80 ℃

Pressure test to EN12266-1 with leakage rate of rate B or rate A in both direction

100% testing before delivery


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