• The Importance of Proper Butterfly Valve Packaging and Shipping

    When it comes to butterfly valve shipping, proper packaging and shipping is crucial to ensuring these important components arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Butterfly valves are widely used in various industries including oil and gas, water treatment and ...
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  • The Innovative Butterfly Valve Telescopic Device: Revolutionizing Industrial Applications

    In the world of industrial engineering, innovation is key to improving efficiency and performance. One such innovation that has been making waves in the industry is the butterfly valve telescopic device. This groundbreaking technology has been revolutionizing i...
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  • Our butterfly valve

    Butterfly valves are multifunctional and essential components in various industrial applications, providing precise control and reliable closing function. Our butterfly valves are manufactured with precision engineering, aiming to regulate liquid flow with excellent effi...
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  • Versatility of Rubber Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear Box

    Rubber butterfly valves with worm gearboxes are important components in a variety of industrial applications, providing a versatile and reliable solution for controlling the flow of fluids and gases. These valves are designed to provide efficient, precise control, making...
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  • Large caliber rubber butterfly valve

    The large-diameter rubber butterfly valve is a specially designed valve that combines the advantages of butterfly valve structure and rubber material. Butterfly valves are widely used in fluid pipeline systems such as liquids and gases to block and open fluids, as well ...
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  • The application prospects of double eccentric butterfly valves in Europe

    The application prospects of double eccentric butterfly valves in Europe

    Double eccentric butterfly valves have broad application prospects in Europe, especially in industrial and municipal fields. Water treatment and water supply system: Double eccentric butterfly valves are widely used to control and regulate the water flow in the water sup...
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  • DN1800 valves were sent to the site in Nepal

    DN1800 valves were sent to the site in Nepal

    ZD VALVE DN1400PN16, DN1600/16 and DN1800PN16  valves to Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project,in Nepal
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  • Gearbox maintenance

    Gearbox maintenance

    GEARBOX MAINTENANCE: A typical worm gear actuator is shown in the above Figure 1 and consists of a worm (4). The worm engages a segment gear (5). When the worm is turned, it drives the segment gear through 90° of rotation. The rotation of the segment gear is displayed by...
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  • The 11th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition

    The 11th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on June 5-7, 2023. In the common expectation of the industry, the 11th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition attracted more than a thousand high-quality peer enterpr...
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  • Learn about Ball Type Non-Return Valve

    Ball non-return valves are increasingly popular in equipment and pipeline systems. Because of its reliability and efficiency, this valve plays an important role in many different industrial fields. This article will introduce the ball non-return valve and its application...
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  • Application of pneumatic rubber lined butterfly valve in industry

    With the continuous development of social economy, the requirements for industrial equipment from all walks of life are also higher and higher. Pneumatic rubber lined butterfly valve is a valve widely used in industry. This article will introduce the application of pneum...
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  • Double eccentric butterfly valve – increase the flow of industrial pipeline

    Double eccentric butterfly valve is a flow control device, which plays an important role in industrial pipeline system. The double-eccentric butterfly valve adopts a special design, which can effectively control the flow and make the operation of the pipeline system more stable and reliable. Its ...
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